As I have walked my path, I have developed tools that work really well to help us clear energy and connect us deeper with God. While I study the original works, its very clear from them that to open them the widest one has to connect with God and use judgement appropriately to remove things that block us from God such as sexism, racism and so on. This practice connects the universal tools of breathwork that have been shown to be effective with connecting our consciousness to God through our intention and focus.


Starting from the top of your head, focus on Kether. While focused there spend 1-5 minutes doing Bhastrika breath (I recommend one or two minutes at most to start and slowly working up). If you are unfamiliar with Bhastrika breath here is how you practice it.

  1. Sit up tall, relax your shoulders, and take a few deep, breaths in and out from your nose. With each inhale, expand your belly fully as you breathe.
  2. Begin bellows breathing by exhaling forcefully through your nose. Follow by inhaling forcefully at the rate of one second per cycle.
  3. Make sure the breath is coming from your diaphragm; keep your head, neck, shoulders, and chest still while your belly moves in and out.

After the first Sepherot, move to the next until you have practiced with all ten Sephirot. You can include Daat if you would like. If you wish to dive deeper you can then visualize each path and breath between each sephirot while focusing on the letter or attribution of the path. Close by practicing Savasana (lay down on the floor and actively relax your body).

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