James Zatopa is a teacher of Love, as the cause and path to enlightenment. After experiencing a full kundalini awakening in 2017, he followed spirit across the world learning everything divine providence had to offer, an experience everyone can enjoy but only an extremely rare few experience as a spontaneous awakening. Having mastered his own process, he continued by studying the world’s religions, and aligning them in a single form, which he now uses to teach and heal.

Through his unique gifts, James is now teaching and healing so as to align and enhance others practices through service to mankind. These practices, such as Kundalini awakening, life transformation, spirituality, the practice of religions, Healing Modalities, inner wound healing, Tantra and others are all enhanced by his teachings and practice

While his initial trainings came directly from spirit through the awakening, and has led him to places such as Isreal, South Africa and Central America to develop his abilities and help others.

In addition to all this he also formed the easiest Church to be part of – The Church of Infinite Love – a simple place where everyone is invited and all who show up are loved and included.

James’s distance healing was able to help me free myself of stuck pain that allowed me to grow and heal.