Where our love is out of alignment there is suffering.  The first is a process and a constant state, just as light is both a wave and a particle – two in one and more.  Once this is illuminated, suffering is revealed as the illusion and destroyed by the light of that illumination.  Light, infinitely giving, is love, free and true, a fundamental of reality now anchored in you – That which brings the Light creates everything, even the dark in its wholeness. Its dual non-dual nature of existence, illuminates all things – an integral of light – aligned with right judgement and non judgement – a deeper way to see.

Dark – that which conceals the light like a sheath, so we call it a mystery, the mystery of what is being revealed, light revealing the light of All.  The dark, now that the illusion is destroyed, is nothing but the end of things.  

Healthy boundaries of infinitely loving yes, and infinitely loving no, destroy all illusions.

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