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Current Curriculum (taught locally)


Yoga – Kundalini

Hermetics – teaching the full theory and steps 1-4 of Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon


Sound Healing

One On One, Seminars and Retreats (email for details)

Sacred Sexual Healing – For those who are healing sexual wounds

Intimacy For Couples

Honening Sacred Gifts – For those who are gifted and wish to train with a master in developing their masterhood

Kabbalah – Traditional as well as Modern (includes Christian Kabbalah practice)

Franz Bardon – Initiation Into Hermetics – Practice of Evocational Magic – Key To The True Kabbalah

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Healing n House July 29th 2023 – Matteson, IL

Healing n House June 30th 2023- Matteson, IL